"Compliance Done Right"
Our History
Rhonda has work for a compliance department for 5 years.  We have been in the trucking for 15 years. We both own trucks and know how hard it is to do compliance and keep you business operating. 
Our Team
Rhonda Bentley is the founder of the company. Joni Brethour is a consultant. Part-time assistant: 
Kasara Stanley 
Our Goals
To be another asset to your company. Allow you to continue to operate without worring about compliance issues. We want to be your partner.
  1. IFTA and State taxes are due 4/30/16. Last day to file electronically is April 28,2016.
    IFTA and State Taxes are Due
  2. 2290 Heavy weight tax is due on 8/31/016. Over 7500 miles a year; tax due is $500.00 per vehicle. EIN is required; if you do not have one give us a call before August 2016.
  3. Last day to file electronically is October 28,2016
    3rd Quarter IFTA and State taxes Due